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Goodwill Industries Sacramento Valley & Northern Nevada is full of amazing people who accomplish extraordinary things! We often hear inspiring stories that begin with “because of Goodwill….” and this usually transitions into genuinely inspiring experiences.

You can share with us YOUR story by clicking this link and submitting a Success Story form.

Below is a collection of some of our favorites!


Meet Sonja!  Despite lacking experience in office administration, she persevered. Goodwill provided her the opportunity to gain real-world experience and support.In her words, 'Goodwill staff always supported and encouraged me to keep going. [...]


Meet Micah! Micah enjoys being creative and aspires to become the best actor and screenwriter he can be. He has found it challenging to secure a job, so he's participating in [...]

Jennifer Van Gent

Exciting news from our Goodwill family! Jennifer, who devoted three years to our organization, has successfully transitioned to her dream role in the accounting industry. Her unwavering dedication, reliability, positive attitude, [...]


Meet Lisa! A beacon of determination who triumphed over challenges through a recovery program and finding crucial support at Goodwill. With 8 ½ years in a key role, Lisa radiates a [...]


Meet Samuel! Despite facing unimaginable losses last year, Samuel found hope and support through Goodwill. With their assistance, he regained his focus, secured employment, and is pursuing his dream of becoming [...]


Nemo: At Goodwill, we take immense pride in his accomplishments and feel privileged to have him on board as a valuable member of our team.


Jessica: Meet Jessica, a beacon of inspiration who openly shares her journey and the hope that has fueled her success. At Goodwill, we take immense pride in her accomplishments and feel [...]

Kenny’s Story

Kenny's Story: “Hello my name is Kenny Williams. I have been unemployed for a few years due to losing my previous job to a work injury. Goodwill has been helping me [...]

Edward’s Story

Edward's Story: “People in Job Connections and Goodwill are great. I liked getting help with my resume. I also got caught up with what employers are looking for nowadays. I have [...]

Meet Ian

Meet Ian: Words of Wisdom… “Figure out what your strengths are and try jobs that allow you to use those strengths.”


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