Welcome to GoodU®.

Meet your full potential with workforce training. 

GoodU® set out to create a better workforce training program. One that acknowledges that underserved communities may not have access to the same education, experiences, and opportunities.

​By democratizing access to these training programs and designing them specifically for these underserved communities, we can help them achieve favorable outcomes for generations to come.

Goodwill offers holistic workforce development and financial capability services for goals beyond the here and now, but for the wellness of our global future.

GoodU® Career Pathways provides practical career training designed for job preparedness and promotes financial as well as personal wellness for all participants. All programs include the following:

• Career assessment and discovery
• Person-centered coaching and goal setting before and after employment is secured
• Job placement services/candidate matching in real-time positions
• Direction toward industry-recognized certification or credentials
• Barrier navigation